St. Olav Trading Co.

Bookshop and Boutique

Announcing the launching of St. Olav Trading Company offering books and clothing for the journey!

Take a look at our ever-growing collection of relevant and hard-to-find books. For Christmas, we have Raymond Arroyo’s beautiful children’s picture books, that are sure to bring joy to the young and young at heart in your life. Christmas Blossoms, by Priscilla McCaffrey, will give you a peek into the window of a Chinese Christian who keeps the miracle of Christmas alive through hand-painted ornaments! Order soon and we can send them to arrive to you for Christmas!

Bishop Schneider’s new work, The Springtime that Never Came, is a wonderful compilation of impactful interviews to help navigate the challenging times we are in. And never more important than now, is Mgr. Robert Hugh Benson’s stirring epic tale, Lord of the World, a life-changing read!